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What difference does it make if torture works?…and a few other questions…

 What difference does it make if torture works? Is that all we need to know about it? Is it possible that we shouldn’t torture people even if it does work? By analogy: We could probably eliminate a good deal … Continue reading

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Are any Christians running for President?

I hate to belabor the obvious, but in this time of crazy politics it might serve some purpose. Are any of the Republican candidates for President Christian? I know that all of them except Ron Paul have repeatedly said that … Continue reading

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On Gratitude

One regret dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough. Hafiz    I am currently writing a book tentatively titled: Spirituality: What it is … Continue reading

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Spring…and Death: More Questions than Answers

Spring…and Death More Questions than Answers  After a long, cold, and icy winter, it’s spring here in Boston. The light has changed, making the sky somehow lighter and further away; if you find a spot out of the wind you … Continue reading

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Why do I mourn the Eastern Cougar?

Why do I mourn the Eastern Cougar?  I never saw an Eastern cougar, a type of panther which was just declared “officially” extinct in the 21 states of the Eastern U.S. where it used to hang out. But I still … Continue reading

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Ice and Immortality

Ice and Immortality There nothing like a little ice to remind us of our mortality. Not the ice in the soda glass ice, but the kind you don’t notice when you’re walking your dog that causes you to take a … Continue reading

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Two Lessons from Wisconsin

Two Lessons from Wisconsin As a long time leftist it’s all too easy to take the usual lessons from the current struggle in Wisconsin over the governor’s attempt to break the collective bargaining rights of the public unions. This is, … Continue reading

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