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What difference does it make if torture works?…and a few other questions…

 What difference does it make if torture works? Is that all we need to know about it? Is it possible that we shouldn’t torture people even if it does work? By analogy: We could probably eliminate a good deal … Continue reading

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Is it me…or is the world a little nuts?

Is it me—or is there a kind of madness sweeping over the world? Certainly for a very long time people have been (among other things) violent, selfish, and engaged in social policies that are, to say the least, not particularly … Continue reading

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Why not bomb Libya?

How could any right minded person be against the use of force to stop the Libyan government’s repression of dissent. Incredibly brave demonstrators take to the streets, demanding freedom, democracy, and a more equitable share of Libya’s enormous oil/natural gas … Continue reading

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